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Support me Instantly by Buying Direct!

Hello everyone!

If you've landed on this page, you're probably interested in my Payhip store—or: in buying directly from me.

What is Payhip?

Payhip is a digital storefront that allows users to sell their products directly to their customers (without using an alternative site such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble.) I use my Payhip to sell my eBooks directly.

Why buy Direct?

Buying directly from me allows you to keep your files forever. It also delivers money to my account instantly, without having to wait for a direct deposit from a storefront such as Amazon, Nook, or Kobo.

How do I download my eBooks?

Normally, I would say that depends on what device you are downloading them to. Experienced users can use an eReading application of their choice, or can side-load the individual ePUB files onto their device(s). However, my books on Payhip have Bookfunnel integration. This means that, upon downloading, you'll receive an email from Bookfunnel with an offer to add your download to your Bookfunnel library.

What is Bookfunnel?

Bookfunnel is a tool authors use to distribute eBooks to readers, as well as an application you can download to your Android, Kindle, or Apple device. On my Payhip store, Bookfunnel integration allows you direct access to customer support (so if you have trouble with loading a file onto your device, or simply don't know how to do it, you can access them through their application.) It also gives you a library of the books you've downloaded from me that you can take or access anywhere.

I'm sold! How do I buy directly from you?

You can buy directly from me by visiting my Payhip store at

by clicking on the image below!

Please note that you will receive two emails when downloading or purchasing a book: one from Payhip, and a second from Bookfunnel, which will allow you to add the book to your Bookfunnel library.

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