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Though Kody Boye was born and raised in Southeastern Idaho, he moved south at the age of eighteen and has resided in various parts of Texas since 2010, living first in Austin, then in Fort Worth before finally landing in the Rio Grande Valley. His first story, [A] Prom Queen's Revenge, was published in the Yellow Mama Webzine at the age of fourteen. His debut novel, Sunrise, followed at age eighteen.


Since then, he has written several novels across multiple speculative fiction genres. His most recent works include When They Came, The Beautiful Ones, Kingsman Online, and The Red Wolf Saga.

Kody is currently enrolled in an online university and pursuing an undergraduate degree in creative writing and English, with plans to further his education with an MFA, which will allow him to teach.

When not writing, Kody enjoys reading young-adult novels, playing video games such as World of Warcraft and Guild Wars, and browsing social media endlessly. 



“When did you start writing?”

I started writing when I was seven years old, after a teacher assigned my second-grade class one of several creative writing prompts. I ended up choosing the "What lies beyond this mysterious door?" prompt, and wrote through class, lunch, and then recess. I knew, then, that I wanted to be a writer.

“Why do you self publish?”

I self-publish primarily due to my negative experiences within the traditional publishing industry (which are too numerous for me to adequately explain here briefly.) Through self-publishing, I can control who edits my work, who designs artwork for it, how it is presented to the public, and, most importantly, pricing. 

“Do you have advice for new authors?”

My #1 advice is to have fun while writing, and to identify why you're doing it early on (whether that be for pleasure or profit, or both.) Push yourself to finish your works-in-progress, choose your target audience wisely, publish only the work you're most proud of, and always, always have someone professionally work on your books. Also: seek an agent if you are presented a deal. It'll save yourself a lot of heartache in the long run. 

“Why are only some of your books on Kindle Unlimited?”

Only two series of mine are in the Kindle Unlimited program at present (The Red Wolf Saga and The Banished Legend,) and that is because they sell well on Amazon due to their genre's popularity and/or their length. While I made a conscious decision to reach more readers by going "wide" with most of my work, I must also consider my books' ability to sell.



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