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Salem Richards has lived within the shadow of her mother's burning for the past five years. Trapped in a dystopian society controlled by a dictatorship, the "Burning Faith" rules all, especially when it comes to the magic that spontaneously developed in the world fifteen years ago. Witches are burned at the stake on the White House lawn, sympathizers and supporters shot in the streets.

For Salem, there is no question that she may become a witch.

But what will happen when she does? 

The Witching Hour 3D.png


Book 1 of The United States of Witches trilogy

My mother was burned at the stake.

Of course, this is not uncommon, now that the Republic controls everything. From what we watch. To what we learn. To who we are, even what we become. They are always on the hunt for witches.

I have lived in terror of developing my magic, of becoming my mother’s daughter, my entire life.

Now, on the cusp of my eighteenth birthday, my greatest fear is coming to pass. My only chance at survival is to flee to the wilds of East Texas and join a place called the Academy -- a place where witches like me are trained to not only control, but use our powers to fight back against our tyrannical government.

I have always feared the fire. The only question is: can I outrun it?

The Burning Fields 3D.png


Book 2 of The United States of Witches trilogy

After a government raid on the East Texas Academy leaves many of our instructors and a fellow student dead, there is no denying that war has arrived at our doorstep. There is also no denying that war will come next. To prepare for the inevitable, me and my classmates from the Academy are tasked to work with witches whose arcana most closesly matches ours. For me, this means helping the nurses and doctors heal the injured in the medical ward.


But some wounds run deeper than others.


When a rogue witch attacks a church of the Republic in New York City—leaving not only everyone within dead, but the building in flames—President Isiah Buchanan invokes Project Annihilation, which endangers not only every witch in the country, but their families as well.


For me, there is no denying what I must do.


I must leave the Resistance and save my family, no matter what the cost.

The Fear of Fire 3D.png


Book 3 of The United States of Witches trilogy

After being captured, interrogated, and tortured, I am meant to be burned at the stake.


But fate has other plans for me.


Following a rescue mission that saves not only me, but a fellow witch from the Burning Fields in Washington, D.C., the united witches return to the Resistance with one goal in mind: to set right the wrongs of the Republic through war. Through my recorded testimony, and its distribution through the media, we are meant to sow discord within the populace, and turn the people against their own government.


It’ll take everything within our power to stop President Isiah Buchanan’s reign of terror.


My only question is: can I face the sacrifices that may follow?

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