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When a rogue virus arrives in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas and begins reanimating the dead, seventeen-year-old Crystal Wright must battle her way through the first night and emerge out the other side. 

A Deadly Winter 3D.png


Book 1 of The Southern Dead trilogy

The last word my mother ever said to me was, "Go."


That was after I'd escaped the initial outbreak at my school. After I managed to find my mother and make my way home. After I thought I was safe.


But when my mother is bitten by a zombie, and I am forced to flee into the apocalyptic wasteland of South Texas, I find that survival means more than just being able to be strong. It's about building bridges. Making connections. Finding friends. But will those friends help me save my life?

A Deathly Spring 3D.png


Book 2 of The Southern Dead trilogy

The last thing my father said was, “Don’t come to San Antonio.”

But I knew my purpose in the new world was meant to be greater—and so did several of my friends. So, together, we set our sights on journeying to San Antonio with one mission in mind: to deliver the one person who is immune to the Harbor Strain into the hands of scientists who might be able to synthesize a cure.

There’s no guarantee we’ll make it to San Antonio. There’s also no guarantee that a cure will be made. But above all, one thing is for certain:


We have to try. 

A Savage Summer 3D.png


Book 3 of The Southern Dead trilogy

The last thing I told the scientists was, “I’m ready.”

This was before the injection. Before the fever sweats. Before the lucid dreams that felt too true to be real. By the time they end, I feel breathless and down on my luck.

But progress, they say, must always come first.

When an exposure test reveals that I am immune to the zombies’ aggressions, it quickly becomes apparent that I may be more important in the fight to reclaim my world than ever.

With the eyes of the world upon me, I realize what I must do.

I must journey beyond these walls, and fight to reclaim everything that was taken from me.  Even if I die trying.


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