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Oaklynn Smith has always known the town of Red Wolf to be peaceful. But as a former family returns to the small East Texas settlement, and the supposedly-extinct red wolves are spotted in the woods outside her home, it will be able to Oaklynn to discover the truth of it all, and face the nightmares that will come as a result of it.

Red Wolf Runs 3D.png


Book 1 of The Red Wolf Saga

There are no wolves in Texas.


At least, that's what I've been told my entire life. The truth is: no one's seen one since they went extinct in the wild twenty years ago.


No one except me.


This occurrence would be strange on any day. But minutes after I think I see a red wolf in the wild, a new family moves in across from me, and I meet none other than Jackson Meadows. He claims to be from out of town, but something tells me he and his single father hold a secret that goes back generations—and may change the town forever.

Red Wolf Hunts 3D.png


Book 2 of The Red Wolf Saga

The wolves have returned to Texas.

This is the problem presented to not only me, but the Meadows family, who have taken me in after a terrible tragedy. Grief-stricken over my devastating loss, I vow to seek revenge at whatever cost possible regardless of the fact that it could expose the family for what they truly are—Shifters.

But it is not only me that I have to worry about. Because as my need for vengeance takes control, my actions—and the fallout that comes as a result of them—sets into motion a chain of events that may change the Meadows family forever.

Red Wolf Sings 3D.png


Book 3 of The Red Wolf Saga

There are no more wolves in Texas.


After successfully leading the last of the red wolves to Louisiana, I feel like my life will slow down, and I will finally be able to recover. But between my parents' funeral, my anguish over Easton Wells' freedom, and the memories of everything that has occurred, I feel that I will never recover.


Especially when someone throws a brick through the Meadows family window.Now faced with the reality that someone knows who—and what—I am, me and the Meadows family have no choice. We must find out who did this and take them down. Otherwise, our lives—and our worlds—will change forever.

Red Wolf Fights 3D.png


Book 4 of The Red Wolf Saga

Six months after the events that changed our lives forever, Jackson and I are college-bound, and heading to Beaumont with the sole intent of starting our new adult lives. With promising futures ahead of us, it seems that nothing could go wrong.


Until the fox runs out in front of our vehicle.


Normally, this wouldn’t seem like an issue. But the fox—who is somehow able to communicate with me telepathically—comes to my window one rainy night, only to warn me that we are being watched by forces beyond our control.


Forces that may alter our futures forever.

Red Wolf Bites 3D.png


Book 5 of The Red Wolf Saga

After the traumatic events at Beaumont leave an innocent man dead, there is no denying that our lives will never be normal. For that reason, Jackson and I decide to do what we feel is right: journey to, and apply for work at, the United States Agency for Supernatural Affiliations.


The only problem? We’ve barely left for the Agency when I begin to have visions of an apocalyptic future—where something falls from the sky and wreaks havoc upon our world—and nothing seems to be able to stop them.


It’ll take rescuing a young seer, and receiving her prophetic vision, to make me realize something:


The End is coming.


And we have to do something to stop it.


When the Red Wolf Bites is the final book in The Red Wolf Saga

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