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Fiften-year-old Bryce Song has lived In the shadow of a deadly bloom that eventually kills, then raises the dead her entire life. As such, she has come to fear what happens when one takes their final breath. So when her only surviving family member -- her grandmother -- succumbs to the plague, Bryce's life is thrown into chaos. The arrival of the Linduan Sky Elves brings with it even greater hardship when it is revealed that the Promised Lands are on the horizon, and that, after all these years, they may finally find peace.

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Plague Bloom Prequel

In this short story prequel to Kody Boye's Plague Bloom Series, discover what happens when the undead take to the air, and attack a small settlement questing toward the Promised Lands.

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Book 1 of The Plague Bloom trilogy

My name is Bryce Song, and for my entire life, I have lived in the shadow of a deadly Bloom that not only kills, but raises the dead. Since the plague’s beginning, my people have journeyed toward our God’s Promised Lands atop the backs of the Guardians. I have always wondered if we would reach our destination and felt helpless against the seemingly insurmountable odds.


A great valley, filled with its Fallen peoples and their undead protector, separates us from our salvation. The only chance of killing our monstrous enemy is to find a weapon, once wielded by our God. During the long journey, our heroes have been slain, and few are willing to embark on a quest to retrieve the holy relic.


There’s no question what I must do. I must journey to the last resting place of our God, and reclaim the weapon that will save my people from certain destruction.

A Wicked Wind 3D.png


Book 2 of The Plague Bloom trilogy

We have finally done it. After twenty agonizing years, we have finally reached the lands promised to us by our great god.


But we are not the only ones meant to be here.


The sweeping valley—known to us as the Promised Lands, but to others as the Dudak Wastes—is home to not one, and not two, but three different peoples, all of whom have been struggling to coexist since the plague bloom’s beginning. The first of these people, the Kakadar of the Low Wastes, are quick to offer us refuge within their lands, under the condition that we obey their laws, maintain order, and never, ever, go beyond where the red flowers grow.


It is only when the Bone People appear that a grim declaration is made.


Their living god—who dwells within the mountains to the valley’s east—is watching, and will do anything to drive us away. Even if it means bringing the plague to the Wastes.

A Cursed Cold 3D.png


Book 3 of The Plague Bloom trilogy

After years of a chilling reign, Pfatuan,

the false god of the Dudak Wastes, is gone.

But with his absence comes a slew of other problems.

With winter rapidly descending upon the valley, and a Kakadarian warrior falling ill from a malicious poison, things appear to be hopeless—until a great beast of legend flies in from the mountains, bringing both joy,

and fear, to the Wastes. 

As concerns grow over the beast’s appearance, and our people’s chances for surviving the winter turn grim after an unprecedented attack, both the Kakadar Elders, and the Grand Sages and Sky Elves, come to an agreement. We will journey north to beg for aid and make trade with the people who arrived in the Wastes decades ago, and pray that they will take pity on us.


It may be our only hope for survival.

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