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In the war-torn Great South, young women are selected annually by the Gentlewomen of their state to become Beautiful Ones—women who, in possession of exceptional beauty, are lifted out of poverty, at the cost of their free will. For a young woman named Kelendra Byron, this has been her life's ambition. But as the day of her Procession draws near, just what will she do?



Book 1 of The Beautiful Ones trilogy

My mother once said that only the Beautiful Ones survive. This is because, in the war-torn Great South, beauty is a currency, and to have it means you will never have to worry about a thing.

The only problem is: beauty is judged by our capital’s Gentlewomen, and there is no guarantee that we will past their test.

Every year, the Gentlewomen of the capital leave the Glittering City to oversee the annual Procession. They travel settlement to settlement selecting girls, aged sixteen and older, to become Beautiful Ones. If chosen, we will be lifted into a life of luxury, but the cost is our free will.



Book 2 of The Beautiful Ones trilogy

I have accomplished the goal of my lifetime. I have become a Beautiful One.

But it is not at all what I expected. Between the glitz, the glam, the fame, fortune, and my recent wedding, it’s almost impossible to believe that a civil war rages beyond the capitol city’s walls, and that my life was nearly taken because of it. This is why, the day after the attempt on my life, I choose to designate my Purpose to the great war.

There’s no guarantee that my words will change anything. But as my presence within the Glittering City grows, it becomes quickly apparent that I am in danger… and that no one, not even my government, can save me.



In the Great South, beauty is a currency all young women wish to have.
But all beauty comes with a price.

Set on the backdrop of a raging civil war, The Beautiful Ones follows sixteen-year-old Kelendra Byron as she is lifted from the depths of poverty to become one of her country's Beautiful Ones, at the cost of her free will. This dark, near-future world—hailed as "Cinderella in Dystopialand" by one reviewer—will take readers to the heights of fame and fortune, and reveal the horrors that come as a result.

This special edition contains all three novels of 

The Beautiful Ones trilogy.

The Beautiful Ones - The Complete Sereis Box Set Cover.png
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Book 3 of The Beautiful Ones trilogy

I have failed my duty as a Beautiful One.

War has arrived at our doorstep. The Glittering City is falling. And worst yet: innocent people are dying.

But all does not seem lost. In the midst of the chaos taking place in the city, me and the last of the Beautiful Ones are rescued by a group of people known as The Southern Saints, who some see as terrorists but others as our salvation. Their goal, they say, has always been to fight the South’s cruel practices. But as the Countess threatens to launch a series of bombs that could start a nuclear war, it will be up to the Saints—and through them, me—to take the fight to the government, no matter what the cost.

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