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Odin Karussa has always longed to join the military. But blood-red eyes, and an inherent gift with magic, has made him feared by everyone, his father included. But upon reaching the capitol, a chance act will land him an audience with the king—and set into motion a chain of events that will change the world forever.

The Bond of Blood 3D.png


Book 1 of The Banished Legend

In a world where magic is dying,

one young man will change the course of history.

Odin Karussa has always dreamed of serving in the royal military. But gifted with magic, and a pair of blood-red eyes, he has been ostracized by his community since childhood, and branded by many as dangerous.

When a chance meeting with a high mage lands him with an audience with the king, it will result in a change that will alter his life forever.

The Steel Rites 3D.png


Book 2 of The Banished Legend

After many long years of serving as a squire, Odin returns to the capitol to participate in the annual knighting ceremonies—where victory, and the title of knight, comes from a test of arms. Confident that he will win, Odin prepares himself for the next phase of his life.


But higher powers would rather see him fail.


When he is stripped of his title by the court, Odin packs his bags and prepares for his journey home. But before he can leave, he is summoned by the king himself, who offers him the chance to secure his place in history by becoming the king’s champion.


Things seem well—too well, even. And after a shocking attempt on the king’s life reveals that there are dark forces amassing in the lands beyond the kingdom, it will be up to Odin, and old friends, to not only set right what is wrong, but save the kingdom.

The Whisper of Bones 3D.png


Book 3 of The Banished Legend

After a deadly attack on one of Ornala's greatest settlements leaves not only the country in disrepair, but one of Odin's friends dead, there seems little left to live for. Grief-stricken and out of his mind, he flees the kingdom with his eyes set on discovering the true meaning of Death from the Elves.


Along the way, he befriends a Halfling who leads him through the Elven forest. There, Odin is taken under the wing of a creature whose vast magical knowledge leads him toward the discovery that may change his life. The Elven Book of the Dead, written and created by the infamous Dark Elves, promises a reward Odin can only dream of. There's only one problem.


Hidden within the depths of the Elven castle and guarded by the greatest of magics, it will take a feat of willpower unlike anything Odin has ever attempted to secure the book. With nothing left to lose, Odin must make a choice: to return home and begin life anew, or to risk the greatest magical offense in human history to bring back the important person in his life back from the dead.

The Fool's Embrace 3D.png


Book 4 of The Banished Legend

Following his arrest for his use of illegal magics, Odin is forced to face persecution, both legally before the law and morally beneath the eyes of his people. To many, this would be enough to break their soul. But with the belief that his ties to the court will save him, Odin refuses legal representation.


But all things come at a cost.


After being tried within the Magical Court of Deeana, Odin is not only sentenced to serve his term in a life in prison, but sentenced to serve life in the Cadarack—a place where men go to live and die, and even compete in barbaric battles for the pleasure of foreign royals.


For Odin, there is no question. Somehow, he must escape the Cadarack Prison. Even if it means death.  

The Saints of Ornala 3D.png


Book 5 of The Banished Legend

Escaping the prison, and fleeing his country, were the least of Odin Karussa’s worries. Now tasked with leading a lost people to salvation, Odin is once again placed in a position of power—power that could either make, or break, his spirit.


Aided by his friends, Odin believes that they can begin a new life free of tyranny—until a High Priest of Norda arrives to deliver a vision from the Gods. Told, in no uncertain detail, that he will return to liberate the mainland, Odin dismisses the priest as little more than delusional. However he may feel, Odin is given one certainty: that his refusal to return to the mainland will come at a cost.


It is only when the priest’s vision comes to pass that Odin is forced to make a decision.


He will return to the mainland to liberate the lands he once called home.


His only question is whether or not he will succeed.

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