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The arrival of the comet Potest was meant to be a historic celestial event. What humanity couldn't have anticipated was the end of times, nor the monstrous creature that would herald its arrival. As the world descends into chaos, a small group of teenagers are visited by a divine messenger and granted fantastical powers. It will take all their strength, willpower, and cunning to unite the world, both supernatural and not, to fight back. The only question is: will their powers help them succeed, or result in their failure?



The comet was supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime event. Instead, it brought destruction. As chaos unravels across the United States with the arrival of a world-destroying serpent, five teenagers are visited by a godly messenger and granted otherworldly powers. It will be up to them, and members of the world both Supernatural and not, to combat the threat known as Jormungandr. Only they can prevent the world's destruction.

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The next phase of The Supernatural South

(The events of Ragnarok Rising take place directly after The Red Wolf Saga)

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