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The End of an Era

Twelve years.

That’s how long it’s been since I began the series that I originally called The Brotherhood Saga but has now become The Banished Legend.

To say that I’m in shock is an understatement.

When I began writing the first book in what would eventually become The Banished Legend, I was little more than seventeen—a young man on the cusp of losing one reality in exchange for another. From Southeastern Idaho to Austin, Texas I’d moved at the age of eighteen, then began an emotional journey that I’ve felt has mirrored my hero’s over the years. For four years—from late-2009 to mid-2013—I wrote the novels that would become The Banished Legend. Many things—doubt, fear, insecurity, finances, and even reservation—kept me from completing them in full.

As of 1:45 on September 19th, 2021—over twelve years after I began this story—I finished the final revisions on The Banished Legend, effectively closing a part of my life that was filled with such joy, wonder, and heartbreak.

You cannot possibly imagine the relief I feel.

I can honestly say that the final step is to commission the cover art for the final two books. There is no further work to be done on my part. I have finally, truly, finished.

So, on this early Sunday morning, during which I think back on everything that’s occurred throughout these past twelve years, I celebrate all I’ve accomplished—all the books I’ve written, all the stories I’ve told.

Though I have one final Banished Legend bonus story to read and revise, I will say this:

This million-word epic will soon be complete.

I can’t wait to share it with you all.

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