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Kody Boye's Favorite Young Adult Books

Hello everyone! I hope you're doing well today!

I often get asked what my favorite books are. As someone who has primarily been reading (and writing) young adult fiction for the past several years, I thought I'd take some time to really delve into my favorite reads and give them a space here on my website to showcase not only the amazing authors who have written these books, but their stories that have resonated with me as well.

Please note that these books are listed by title rather than in order of preference. Also note that the SmartURLS directing you to Amazon will take you to your country's Amazon.

With that said, here are:

My Favorite Young Adult Books

Athena's Choice

by Adam Boostrom

What if an experimental virus wiped out all men on the planet? And what if prophetic dreams could lead you to help finding the cure? For Athena Vosh, a teenage girl who has never known life with men, this question has no reasonable answer. But as she is swept along in a plot that involves the government's intervention, Athena must make a seemingly impossible choice.

The Extinction Trials

by S.M. Wilson

Set on the overpopulated content of Earthasia where resources are dwindling and disease is running rampant, The Extinction Trials begins with one universal truth: that those who wish their families to prosper must take part in the Extinction Trials. These trials, meant to prepare those who will journey to the dinosaur-infested continent of Pilora, will test everything for two people: a young woman whose past was lost when her mother died, and a young man whose family will suffer without his participation.

The Grace Year

by Kim Liggett

In Garner County, girls are expelled yearly to "cast out the magic" that can drive men to temptation. When the annual Grace Year begins at the beginning of The Grace Year, sixteen-year-old Tierney James is expelled from her community alongside several of her peers, where they must survive a grisly winter on their own in preparation for marriage upon their return.

I Was a Teenage Weredeer

by C.T. Phipps & Michael Suttkus

Set on the backdrop of a supernatural world, I Was a Teenage Weredeer tells the story of Jane Doe, who is perhaps the least threatening of the shapeshifter variety. However, when her friend is murdered on her eighteenth birthday, Jane must work with the supernatural FBI to help exonerate her brother in her best friend's murder.

The Nature of Witches

by Rachel Griffin

In a world where witches can control the weather, Clara is the only one of her kind who can control the magic that inhabits each season. But after a horrible accident leaves her best friend dead, Clara is determined to sacrifice her magic during the next eclipse at least until another witch enters her life, and shows her the true meaning of magic.

The Unblessed Dead

by Rhiannon Frater

Ilyse's mother saved her settlement from the unblessed dead when she was just a young girl. In a heavily religious society, this cost her everything, including her life. But when Ilyse begins to experience events of supernatural power, she fears that she, too, is becoming her mother's daughter, and that she may also hold the forbidden power of necromancy.

The Weight of Blood

by Tiffany D. Jackson

Set in a small town in Georgia where racial tensions run high, Madison, a biracial girl bullied for her appearance, will uncover the true meaning of her hidden powers on the cusp of senior prom. This brilliantly imagined, modern retelling of Stephen King's Carrie is sure to leave fans of horror and revenge glued to their seats.

Wilder Girls

by Rory Power

Eighteen months after a mysterious illness begins to infect everything on an island that houses a boarding school, a group of schoolgirls are forced to survive everything -- from tainted wildlife, lack of food, and even each other.

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