A List of my Favorite Indie Books

Indie authors are awesome. They're also some of the most underappreciated writers out there. For that reason, I wanted to create a list of some of my favorite works from independent (or small press) authors that I've read over the past few years. These will be listed alphabetically, and contain direct purchase links to Amazon for easy purchasing! Do note that these purchase links are part of the Amazon affiliates program, and any purchase made through it will give me a small commission.

All That Remains

by Al Barrera

All That Remains follows a group of survivors in a dystopian world that has been overrun by creatures that defy explanation. But when a child is found that claims to know of a government safe haven that isn't supposed to exist, the survivors will soon find that she may be their own and even humanity's last hope.

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Athena's Choice

by Adam Boostrom

Athena's Choice begs to ask one question: what would happen if every single man on the planet died? This science-fiction thriller follows a young woman named Athena as she is suddenly called upon to discover the root of mankind's downfall, and the lengths some women will go to keep men dead.

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Bad Wolf

by Tim McGregor

Bad Wolf is part police procedural, part werewolf novel. In it, two detectives must scramble against the clock to save a small town and its people from being victimized by a brutal, inhuman killer.

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I Was a Teenage Weredeer

by C.T. Phipps & Michael Suttkus

I Was a Teenage Weredeer follows a young (you guessed it) weredeer named Jane, whose offbeat nature and snarky wit will have to help her brave a small-town murder, and her investigation that will follow.

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The Unblessed Dead

by Rhiannon Frater

The Unblessed Dead is the first in the Hidden Necromancer series, and follows a young woman named Ilyse as her necromantic powers awaken in a world where necromancy is viewed as evil by her community.

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