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Eleanor Weaver has lived in the shadow of her father's military service her entire life. So, upon moving west to a blossoming town known as Settler's Point, she believes that things will be ordinary -- at least until dead animals start appearing outside her home. Soon, she will discover that there is a monster lurking these lands, and that she and her friends must do something to stop its monstrous rampage. 

Beast of Settler's Point 3D.png


Book 1 in the Of Dust and Blood duology

It is the year 1845, and under the hot Texas sun, my family is heading west to our new home in a blossoming town known as Settler’s Point. Here, my father says, we will build our lives anew, and hope to leave the last few tragic years behind.

Not long after our arrival, it becomes apparent that something is wrong. The town drunk claims to have seen a wolf “larger than ever,” and animals are appearing slaughtered outside our homes. It’ll take only one rainy night, and a chance sighing, for me to believe that a supernatural beast stalks the lands beyond Settler’s Point.

It is only when tragedy strikes a second time, and claims one of our own, that we realize that something needs to be done. But with the townspeople scared, and my father away on military business, it will be up to me, and my friends, to make things right. It will be up to us to kill the beast of Settler’s Point.

Tragedy of Eleanor Weaver 3D.png


Book 2 in the Of Dust and Blood duology

Winter has come, and with it, a horrifying truth:

I, Eleanor Weaver, am changing into a monster.

But it is not just my physical transformation from girl to beast that troubles me. Rather, it is the emotional adjustment to living in the wild that brings me impossible sadness.

The ramifications of my sickness are monstrous. Should I lose control, I will destroy everything around me. Even the person I love.

In a world as cruel as this one, I must fight to protect those I love. Even if it means sacrificing everything in the process.

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