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Kody Boye has been writing and publishing short fiction since his teens. The launch of his story [A] Prom Queen's Revenge in 2007 started a blossoming career, which he continues to pursue to this day. Follow him along his journey in his ultimate compilation of short fiction (now containing three previously-published novellas!)

Material Things 3D.png


A mannequin becomes the world’s greatest fashion model.  A fish gains sentience upon accident. A monster's influence reaches from beyond the dead, and men both find, and lose, love in Kody Boye’s Material Things. Chronicling over a decade of work, and containing over a quarter of a million words, this collection of horror, fantasy, and contemporary and science-fiction promises to thrill and delight.​

Please note that this updated compilation includes the previously-published novellas The Diary of Dakota Hammell, The Tragedy of Louis Décor, and Wraethworld.

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