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In the world of Kingsman Online, that is the exact question that fifteen-year-old Sophia Garza faces. With her terminally-ill mother bedridden, and with no cure for the poor, Sophia despairs. But when the chance of a lifetime presents itself in a virtual-reality gaming competition, Sophia will do anything it takes -- even if that means entering a world where pain is real, and anything has the chance to kill you..

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Book 1 of the Kingsman Online trilogy

I’ve always used video games to get me through the hard times, especially throughout my mother’s terminal illness. Tasked as not only her caretaker, but my little brother’s as well, I long to give them a better life and save my mother’s in the process. This is why, on the day of the Kingsman Online Regional Championships, my ranking in the horror shooter Dystopia is so important. But just when I think I have my ranked placement in the bag, a rolling blackout sweeps the city, leaving me not only devastated in the present, but hopeless about the future.


However—it seems things are not completely lost.


When a strange man claiming to be from Kingsman Online arrives and offers me the chance of a lifetime, I can’t refuse it.


The gaming company promises a completely immersive experience for their players in the regional championships.


Little do I know, I’m falling straight into a trap.

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Book 2 of the Kingsman Online trilogy

My victory over Kingsman Online's annual Dystopia regionals have come at a cost. Leon's been trapped in the game, and it seems like there's nothing I can do to help him.


With an ailing mother and little brother waiting for me, I return home and count down the days for Rudolph Kingsman and his band of scientists to try and get Leon out.


The only thing is: I know there's something wrong. Given Kingsman Online's nefarious actions, there seems to be any number of things they can do to drastically alter my life.


Then I get the call.


The only way to save Leon is to return to the very game that nearly killed me and has potentially cost my friend his life.

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Book 3 of the Kingsman Online trilogy

I have done what some thought mad. I have emerged from the game once again, and saved my best friend’s life in the process.


But tragedy, it appears, is always near.


With my mother’s health failing, and my purpose in the Dystopia National Championships scrutinized by both the eSports world and Rudolph Kingsman himself, it quickly becomes apparent that I will be forced to return to the game, and face its horrors one last time.


With my family’s future on the line, I know what I must do.


I must right the wrongs that Kingsman Online has done, and avenge those whose lives have been lost in the process.

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The poor suffer in slums.

The rich flourish in megacities.

And video games dominate the eSports landscape.


In a far-off future, humanity’s poorest communities have been devasted by a plague. With treatment almost inaccessible for those who cannot pay, many are tasked with taking care of their loved ones until the end.


For one young woman named Sophia Garza, her family’s future, and her ill mother’s potential salvation, lies in her ability to climb the ranks in a video gaming competition with an enormous cash prize. However, when a rolling blackout strikes the slums Sophia lives in, all seems lost—until a representative from Kingsman Online Games comes knocking at her door with the promise of a second chance. With absolutely nothing to lose, Sophia accepts the offer—without realizing she’s fallen into the megacorporation’s cruel trap.


In a simulation where pain is real, and death in real life possible, what lengths will people go in order to survive?


This special edition contains all three novels of the Kingsman Online trilogy.


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