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Jason DePella has been down on his luck since he got kicked out of college. Turning to an internet application, he meets a man named Guy Winters, whose passions for Jason will not only result in one wild night, but a lifetime of supernatural experiences.

He Came from Ice 3D.png


Book 1 of The Elements of Ice trilogy

He was just supposed to be a hot hookup. Something sexy to take my mind off being poor, living in a run-down apartment, and kicked out of college due to some plagiarism I totally did not commit. Life was going downhill fast, and a hot, anonymous hookup with a guy by the handle IceFire would make my life suck a little less—or more, but in the right way.


Man, was I wrong.


Hot and charming, Guy Winters and his touches leave me breathless. One night turns into two. Then a date. Then more. Except his body is always cold. Our makeouts are almost too intense. And there's something just not right. It takes a break-in and a murder in self-defense before I finally get it.


And the truth about Guy has me running for my life.

He Faced the Frost 3D.png


Book 2 of The Elements of Ice trilogy

It wasn’t supposed to happen. I wasn’t supposed to meet Guy. I wasn’t supposed to be a presumed accomplice to murder. I wasn’t even supposed to run away with him. But here I am, trapped in the middle of an impossible situation, and infected with Lycanthropy. Guy, however, is stubborn, and after attempting to turn me into a Kaldr to stave off my infection, inadvertently causes me to contract a degenerative illness—one that will consume first my body, then my mind.


My only hope for survival? Unthinkable sacrifice or unfathomable risk.


If I am to live, I must decide whether to kill the man I am slowly falling in love with, or slay the clan leader whose influence has turned my life upside down.

He Braved the Storm 3D.png


Book 3 of The Elements of Ice trilogy

I have done the impossible. I have slain Pierre LeBlanc, and through trial by combat, taken control of the Central Texas Kaldr Clan. It is a fate previously thought to be inconceivable, and brings with it a whole new slew of problems. Though I have been met with suspicion by the clan whom I now rule over, it is the Sanguine who come knocking on our door that chill be to the bone. With Pierre’s death, I have ended a trade agreement, and now must meet it in kind. The only problem? I refuse to sacrifice my pack members in exchange for safety.


By denying them this years-long agreement, I begin a conflict that will surely end in disaster.


It may also change the world.

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