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Witness the horrors within THE HAUNTING OF ALICE ROMMEL

Hello everyone! I hope you're doing well!

As I teased in my Facebook group and on my Instagram: I've been brewing a new serialized story for you. So, with that in mind...

The Haunting of Alice Rommel tells the story of a young woman named Becky Rommel, who, on the night of July 2nd, discovers a spirit board alongside her best friend, Judy, and her sister, Alice, while snooping through their family attic. This board, which at first seems like nothing more than an innocent game, becomes more in the hours thereafter, when its connection to the spirit realm inadvertently lets something monstrous into the Rommel home. As the entity grows in power, and focuses its energies on Alice, Becky is left to question: what is the entity? And more so: how can she, a girl of simply sixteen, stop it before it consumes her sister's mind?

Like with my previous serial, there are two ways you can read The Haunting of Alice Rommel:

The first is to subscribe to the $5 (Familiar) tier on my Patreon page. By doing this, you will instantly unlock access to a myriad of features on my Patreon, including behind-the-scenes notes and content.

The second is to read it on Amazon's Kindle Vella site. I will (briefly) describe the mechanics below.

What is Kindle Vella?

Described as "Serial stories to read one short episode at a time," Kindle Vella is's serial fiction app, whereupon you can read a number of stories, including The Haunting of Alice Rommel.

How does it work?

Like other serial fiction apps, Kindle Vella operates on a coin system, wherein you buy "packs" of coins from Amazon and then use them to unlock episodes. The number of coins scales depending on how many hundred words are in a single episode. For The Haunting of Alice Rommel, I am aiming to write chapters, or "episodes," if from anywhere from 1800 to 3000+ words. This means that you would have to spend anywhere from 18 to 30+ coins to read an episode.

How long will The Haunting of Alice Rommel be on Kindle Vella?

The Haunting of Alice Rommel is, at present, a work-in-progress. Given that the novel is in its infancy, I cannot yet determine how long it will be. It will remain on Kindle Vella for at least three months upon completion, however (and may remain there longer if it succeeds on the app.)

Can I try Kindle Vella out for free?

Kindle Vella offers three free episodes of each story to allow you as the reader to get a feel for it. As of this posting, you can redeem 200 free coins just by trying out Kindle Vella by clicking or tapping here.

Do you have a preference on how I read?

To be perfectly honest: I think it's up to you, the way you read, and the amount you're willing to spend. One could easily wait until the serial is completed to read it on my Patreon (and pay what I usually charge for an eBook by reading it that way.) However, if you're willing to help boost my rankings in the algorithm on Amazon, and help other readers find it by actively engaging with the serial by "liking" and commenting on the episodes, you could always read it on Kindle Vella. You could theoretically sign up for Kindle Vella, obtain your free coins, then read the number of episodes available to you with your free coins and then jump over and subscribe on my Patreon whenever you feel comfortable. It really depends on what you, as a reader, feel is fair for you personally.

Why are you serializing it instead of just releasing it in eBook format now?

Serializing it on Kindle Vella allows me the opportunity to reach new readers on the platform, and potentially earn bonuses from Amazon based on reader engagement. This also allows me to work on things at a pace that allows me to generate new content for you, my reader. Moving forward, this will be how I release content new content as I am writing it.

If you're interested in reading The Haunting of Alice Rommel, you can subscribe to my Patreon or visit the story's master page on Kindle Vella.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I greatly appreciate all of your support, and look forward to hearing more from you if you decide to join me on this venture!

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