Read a sneak-peek of (and pre-order) my next novel, THE MONSTERS WITHIN!

Hello everyone!

I hope you're doing well when you read this!

My next novel, The Monsters Within, is very near and dear to me. Originally written as Inner Demons during my teenage years, this psychological horror novel is a coming-of-age story that follows a young man's journey from a broken home life to personal freedom, as well as his battle for love in the face of mental illness and forces beyond the mortal coil. It comes out on June 15th, and I am super excited to share it with you

so excited, in fact, that I'm offering the first one-hundred pages for free!

Find out more about The Monsters Within below!

The Monsters Within

by Kody Boye

Not all monsters can be seen.

When Dean McAllen wins a writing fellowship that offers him the chance to escape his abusive homelife, he boards the first plane out of Utah and prepares for a life free of dysfunction.

Not long after arriving in the small town halfway across the country, he meets Brad Michelson. Kind, sweet, and caring, the fellow artist is everything Dean could ever want in a man. He's also Dean's first true shot at love.

But what Dean doesn’t know is that Brad harbors a darkness inside of him—and though Brad has struggled to hold it back his entire life, Dean will soon find that the monsters that dwell within Brad's conscience are real, and out to destroy them both.


You can read the first one-hundred pages on Inkitt by clicking or tapping the image below!

And you can pre-order on Amazon by clicking or tapping here!

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