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Updated: May 13

Hello everyone,

If you've landed on this page, you're likely interested in learning about my Patreon page.

In short: Patreon is a website that allows readers to actively engage with their favorite creators, and offers them cool incentives while doing so! I created my page to offer fans a chance to get more exclusive content!

With that said, you might be wondering:

Why are you on Patreon?

I am on Patreon, first and foremost, to develop more content for readers. With a patron's patronage on Patreon, you can help assist me in the creation of new projects.

Why should I support you on Patreon?

Though I am presently in college studying to (eventually) teach, I write to help sustain myself financially and pay my bills. By supporting me on Patreon, you can help me live a little more comfortably, and help me pay for advertising, cover art, editing costs, and more. A small, monthly donation can go a long way, and will ensure that I am able to produce the content I love to create.

What kind of incentives are you offering?

I am committed to providing the best experience possible for my readers. As a result, I am striving to create monthly content, whether that be through monthly short stories or by posting novel chapters as I write them. I am also working to figure out how to best offer physical incentives to readers in higher tiers (especially to readers who live outside of the continental United States) and what those incentives could be!

You can find out more about my Patreon page by clicking or tapping here (or the image below!)

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