He Came from Ice is LIVE

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I wanted to take a moment to let you know that my novel He Came from Ice, the first in my Elements of Ice series, is now available to read FOR FREE on the various ebook outlets!

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He Came From Ice

Book 1 of The Elements of Ice

[This is a new-adult book which contains more adult themes and situations.]

He was just supposed to be a hot hookup. Something sexy to take my mind off being poor, living in a run-down apartment, and kicked out of college due to some plagiarism I totally did not commit. Life was going downhill fast, and a hot, anonymous hookup with a guy by the handle IceFire would make my life suck a little less—or more, but in the right way.

Man, was I wrong.

Hot and charming, Guy Winters and his touches leave me breathless. One night turns into two. Then a date. Then more. Except his body is always cold. Our makeouts are almost too intense. And there's something just not right. It takes a break-in and a murder in self-defense before I finally get it.

And the truth about Guy has me running for my life.

This book was originally published as His Touch of Ice and as Ice Born. It has been revised and updated to be more suitable for a general audience.

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