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Updated: Nov 21

Hi everyone!

Do you like #FREE books? Horror? Science-Fiction? Fantasy? Dystopian worlds where young men and women fight to free themselves from monsters, mayhem, and oppression? Then you might enjoy my work!

I currently have several series starters available for FREE on Amazon and other outlets! So if you have a hankering for something on this list, be sure to check it out! 

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Book 1 of the Kingsman Online series

I’ve always used video games to get me through the hard times, especially throughout my mother’s terminal illness. Tasked as not only her caretaker, but my little brother’s as well, I long to give them a better life and save my mother’s in the process. This is why, on the day of the Kingsman Online Regional Championships, my ranking in the horror shooter Dystopia is so important. But just when I think I have my ranked placement in the bag, a rolling blackout sweeps the city, leaving me not only devastated in the present, but hopeless about the future.

However—it seems things are not completely lost.

When a strange man claiming to be from Kingsman Online arrives and offers me the chance of a lifetime, I can’t refuse it.

The gaming company promises a completely immersive experience for their players in the regional championships.

Little do I know, I’m falling straight into a trap.

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The Beautiful Ones

Book 1 of The Beautiful Ones trilogy

My mother once said that only the Beautiful Ones survive. This is because, in the war-torn Great South, beauty is a currency, and to have it means you will never have to worry about a thing.

The only problem is: beauty is judged by our capital’s Gentlewomen, and there is no guarantee that we will past their test.

Every year, the Gentlewomen of the capital leave the Glittering City to oversee the annual Procession. They travel settlement to settlement selecting girls, aged sixteen and older, to become Beautiful Ones. If chosen, we will be lifted into a life of luxury, but the cost is our free will.

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Blood Night

Book 1 in The Scarlet Jane Files

She longs for revenge, and she’ll do anything to get it.

Desperate to slay the monster that killed her mother, Scarlet is faced with a life-changing choice: to let the strange man who arrives in her hospital room erase her memories, or accept his offer to join an elite agency that not only helps maintain order over the Supernatural world, but trains super-soldiers—called Hunters—to help combat them.

For Scarlet, there is no hesitation. She will give anything to avenge her mother—even if it means risking her life to do so.

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Dagana: The Last Mermaid

Book 1 of DAGANA

I have always loved the ocean. Beautiful and tranquil, it seems like it can do absolutely no harm.

Until the night my parents go missing, and then are subsequently found dead.

Both have been viciously mauled by something off the Gulf—something even the medical examiner claims is an ‘unknown animal.’ But the worst part? I swear I saw something in the water the night they were both killed.

But this is no chance occurrence. As the body count begins to rise, and as more tragedies unfold, I realize that something has to be done.

Someone has to hunt down, and kill, the monster of Mermaid Cove.

That someone is me.

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When They Came

Book 1 of the When They Came trilogy

I was never afraid of monsters—at least, not until They came: the visitors from outer space.

Six years later, at the age of seventeen, I'm just about to graduate from school and declare my career of choice. The Midnight Guard—who protect our community from the vicious things that lie outside our walls—calls to me, and a shortage of applicants instantly lands me a spot in their ranks.

But when I am bitten by an alien on a supply run, I begin to dream of things not of this world—and will soon find that my life is about to change forever.

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When the Red Wolf Runs

Book 1 of the Red Wolf Saga

There are no wolves in Texas.

At least, that's what I've been told my entire life. The truth is: no one's seen one since they went extinct in the wild twenty years ago.

No one except me.

This occurrence would be strange on any day. But minutes after I think I see a red wolf in the wild, a new family moves in across from me, and I meet none other than Jackson Meadows. He claims to be from out of town, but something tells me he and his single father hold a secret that goes back generations—and may change the town forever.

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When Utopia Falls

Book 1 of The Utopian Problem

Society has reached its peak within the walled city of Utopia. While the outside world lies in inhospitable ruins, the city within brims with technological marvels—all thanks to a benevolent god that appeared during humanity’s darkest hour. But with the city on the verge of overpopulation, and the world outside not promised to be safe, time is running out for the Utopian people, and it’ll take one brave young woman to change the course of history.

Seventeen-year-old Ember Hillen has lived in the shadow of the god her entire life. With a promising future in medicine, she believes that her future is set in stone. What she doesn’t expect is for her Aptitude Test scores to come back with exemplary remarks—or to be chosen as her city’s next Holy Conduit.

As the Holy Conduit, Ember can connect with, and receive visions of, her god’s desires for the Utopian city. The only problem? Her god is implying that her people must somehow journey beyond their isolated city to build a new world in the wasteland. But with the mad leader of the premier engineering facility within Utopia attempting to sway Ember through whatever means possible, Ember must make a choice that will change a life forever. The only question is: can she withstand the storm that will follow?

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The Witching Hour

Book 1 of The United States of Witches

My mother was burned at the stake.

Of course, this is not uncommon, now that the Republic controls everything. From what we watch. To what we learn. To who we are, even what we become. They are always on the hunt for witches.

I have lived in terror of developing my magic, of becoming my mother’s daughter, my entire life.

Now, on the cusp of my eighteenth birthday, my greatest fear is coming to pass. My only chance at survival is to flee to the wilds of East Texas and join a place called the Academy—a place where witches like me are trained to not only control, but use our powers to fight back against our tyrannical government.

I have always feared the fire. The only question is: can I outrun it?

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