Announcing THE SOUTHERN DEAD for Kindle Vella!

Hello everyone!

Though I previously had plans to publish The United States of Witches in the Kindle Vella program, I decided not to because I was not sure when the program was going to launch. However — now that there is a definitive release date for Kindle Vella, I wanted to announce what project I will be writing (and serializing) in the program.

The Southern Dead will be my latest foray into the zombie genre, and will tell the story of a young woman named Crystal Wright, who survives the initial zombie outbreak at her high school only to be thrust into the wilds of South Texas in the days following. With only her mother's baseball bat to protect her, she must find refuge with other survivors. The only question is: who can she trust in a world where survival is only for the fittest?

I am so excited for this project. I love Crystal's character, and I hope you will, too, once the program launches and the serial becomes available on Amazon and its various mobile applications!

The first five episodes (or "chapters") of The Southern Dead will go live when Kindle Vella launches. I will be sure to keep everyone informed of its progress.

Until then: check out the beautiful art for it, which was created by KDS Cover Concepts!

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