A Quick Update on my Release Schedule

Updated: May 22

Hey everyone! I hope you’re doing well.

I wanted to stop in and quickly update you about what's going on.

As you might have seen in earlier posts on my Facebook fangroup: I had been toying with the idea of writing contemporary romance fiction on the side. I’ve officially decided to do that.

HOWEVER, I do want to make one thing clear:

I’m not shying away from YA fiction in the slightest (and my romance fiction will be strictly 'on the side.)

The issue I’m having with my YA catalog is that there’s just so much of it I need to put out. This, combined with my cover artist’s schedule, has made it to where stuff is coming out as it can (especially since I want to be sure I’m paying KDS Cover Concepts what she deserves.)

As of this moment, I have about nine stories with covers that need to be released (and an additional three that need rebrands.) That isn’t to mention the rebranding of my general adult zombie series The Daylight Cycle (which is coming soon, I promise.)

In total, I have about nineteen speculative fiction books I need to release (4 Daylight Cycle rebrands, 6 Scarlet Jane Files covers, 1 Plague Bloom cover, 2 Southern Dead covers, 3 Kingsman Online rebrands, and 5 Adventures of Camren Delarosa covers.)

As you can see: content is still coming on the YA/speculative-fiction front.

The romance fiction is, in a matter of speaking, a way for me to write stories that I've had on the backburner (and that I want to experiment with.) The cover for The Beauty of Us was done by Sarah Kil Creative Studio, as I wanted to have a distinct style for that work (and because KDS Cover Concepts has a ton of work to do for me on the YA/speculative-fiction front.)

Like I said: I'm not abandoning YA fiction. I'm just have such a backlog that I feel I can afford to write some non-YA/speculative-fiction titles on the side while my KDS Cover Concepts works on my other titles.)

As you can probably imagine: I'm not going to be writing much about the process of these romance novels (and as a result, you may see the group slow down in terms of updates and such.) However, if you do want to follow along with my pen name/romance name's exploits, you can do so by clicking or tapping here.

Thanks again for all of your support!


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