A Change is Coming

Anyone who's followed my Echo Chamber Facebook Fanpage in the past few days will know that I've been suffering from rather debilitating pain in my finger, which was brought on by repetitive motion strain and localized osteoarthritis.

Now, you might be thinking, Aren't you typing this?

I am, yes. But this may be one of the last posts I physically type.

Don't be alarmed, though! I'm not going anywhere! I'm simply changing the way I write.


With Dragon Naturally Speaking.

In short: Dragon is an advanced voice-to-text software that's capable of learning your writing style and speech patterns in able to help you produce defined voice-to-text documents. While I've never used the software, my writer friends rave about it, which means that, to preserve the health of my hands, I need to make a change.

So... in the next few weeks (and once my royalty check comes in on the 29th,) I will be switching over to Dragon Naturally Speaking.

I write this post to let you know that there will be a learning curve to this, and because of that, writing on the next Red Wolf book may slow down a bit. I'm hoping to adapt quickly, but I'm not sure how fast it'll happen. I'm not much of a "verbal" storyteller, but I'm hoping to learn as I practice.

I'll be sure to chronicle my journeys with Dragon here and on my Facebook Fanpage.

If you want to check Dragon Naturally Speaking out, click on the link below. It'll take you to an Amazon page about it.

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