A Brand New Look for KodyBoye.com!

Hello everyone!

As you've probably already noticed, KodyBoye.com has received a facelift (and is continuing to receive one as I write this post.) I wanted to modernize the site while giving it a bit of a new flare, while also condensing the information down to individual pages and categories to help readers new and established find more of my work.

So, what is new on the website?

There's three main things:

I've built:

  • A simpler homepage

  • An updated category system separating books into Young Adult, New Adult and Adult categories.


  • Have updated series pages to condense them down to one rather than several

A few other tweaks are being made here and there, so be sure to keep an eye on the site to see how it's evolving!

Thanks for your support!

- Kody

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