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The following list contains the mini blurbs that are featured on each series page.

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In the war-torn Great South, young women are selected annually by the Gentlewomen of their state to become Beautiful Ones—women who, in possession of exceptional beauty, are lifted out of poverty, at the cost of their free will. For a young woman named Kelendra Byron, this has been her life's ambition. But as the day of her Procession draws near, just what will she do?

The Beautiful Ones.jpg
The War Outside.jpg
The Battle Within.jpg


Jessica Pruitt has lived her life along the shores of Mermaid Cove in relative piece. However, her parents have been fighting -- and on a day just like any other, a routine trip to the beach, and the argument that follows, will change Jessica's life forever.

DAGANA - The Last Mermaid.jpg
DAGANA - The Second Spawn.jpg
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In the world of Kingsman Online, that is the exact question that fifteen-year-old Sophia Garza faces. With her terminally-ill mother bedridden, and with no cure for the poor, Sophia despairs. But when the chance of a lifetime presents itself in a virtual-reality gaming competition, Sophia will do anything it takes -- even if that means entering a world where pain is real, and anything has the chance to kill you..

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Fiften-year-old Bryce Song has lived In the shadow of a deadly bloom that eventually kills, then raises the dead her entire life. As such, she has come to fear what happens when one takes their final breath. So when her only surviving family member -- her grandmother -- succumbs to the plague, Bryce's life is thrown into chaos. The arrival of the Linduan Sky Elves brings with it even greater hardship when it is revealed that the Promised Lands are on the horizon, and that, after all these years, they may finally find peace.

A Deadly Bloom.jpg
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Oaklynn Smith has always known the town of Red Wolf to be peaceful. But as a former family returns to the small East Texas settlement, and the supposedly-extinct red wolves are spotted in the woods outside her home, it will be able to Oaklynn to discover the truth of it all, and face the nightmares that will come as a result of it.

When the Red Wolf Runs.jpg
When the Red Wolf Hunts.jpg
When the Red Wolf Sings.jpg
When The Red Wolf Fights.jpg
When the Red Wolf Bites.jpg


For best friends Adam and Christy, life has been filled with challenges. Being gay, and of supernatural lineage, is only the tip of the iceberg. With Adam's love life nearly nonexistent, Christy decides to cast a love spell to bring forth her best friend's true luck. But when the new guy appears at their high school, is he true love incarnate, or something more sinister?

Midnight Spell.jpg
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When a rogue virus arrives in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas and begins reanimating the dead, seventeen-year-old Crystal Wright must battle her way through the first night and emerge out the other side. 

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Salem Richards has lived within the shadow of her mother's burning for the past five years. Trapped in a dystopian society controlled by a dictatorship, the "Burning Faith" rules all, especially when it comes to the magic that spontaneously developed in the world fifteen years ago. Witches are burned at the stake on the White House lawn, sympathizers and supporters shot in the streets.

For Salem, there is no question that she may become a witch.

But what will happen when she does? 

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Ana Mia Sophia Berrios has lived the last six years under the presence of alien invaders from outer space. Confined to an isolated community in Texas, she graduates from the Juvenile Education System with one goal in mind: to make a difference. But will joining her people's civilian militia, the Midnight Guard, absolve her of past guilt, or lead her down an even more dangerous road?

When They Came.jpg
When They Saw.jpg
When They Fell.jpg


Ember Hillen longed to become a doctor. But when her annual Aptitude Test scores offer her a chance to become her city's Holy Conduit, she will soon find that her life, and her purpose in her world, is about to change forever.

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