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A Sea of Sorrows

Book 3 in A Brotherhood of Men

Odin left home in search of his dream.

He attained the status of knight.

Now, Odin will lose it all.

After a deadly attack on one of Ornala's greatest settlements leaves not only the country in disrepair, but claims one of the most important people in Odin's life, there seems little left to live for. Grief-stricken and out of his mind, he flees the kingdom with his eyes set on discovering the true meaning of Death from the Elves.

Along the way, he befriends a fellow Halfling who leads him through the Elven forest and to the capital. There, Odin is taken under the wing of a sexless creature, whose vast magical knowledge leads him toward the discovery that may change his life. The Elven Book of the Dead, written and created by the infamous Dark Elves, promises a reward Odin can only dream of. There's only one problem.

Hidden within the depths of the Elven castle and guarded by the greatest of magics, it will take a feat of willpower unlike anything Odin has ever attempted to secure the book. With nothing left to lose, Odin must make a choice: to return home and begin life anew, or to risk the greatest magical offense in human history to bring back the most important person in his life.

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