Hello, and welcome to the newly-revamped KodyBoye.com! This new incarnation of the site is still undergoing construction, but will soon feature art by Kody's cover artist, KDS Cover Concepts. It also contains updates to individual book pages and listings, links, and more. 


Please excuse any wonkiness as we work to continue implementing new changes and updated information to the various pages. If you see any errors that should be corrected, please use the CONTACT form on this site.

Who is Kody Boye?

Kody Boye is a young-adult horror, fantasy, and science-fiction writer who currently lives in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. He loves books, cats, video games, horror movies, and watching silly videos on the internet.

He is currently enrolled in a creative writing undergraduate program and plans to obtain his MFA within the next few years.

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