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Who is Kody Boye?

Kody Boye is a young-adult horror, fantasy, and science-fiction writer who currently lives in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. He loves books, cats, video games, horror movies, and watching silly videos on the internet.

He is currently enrolled in a creative writing undergraduate program and plans to obtain his MFA within the next few years.

From the Blog

Kody on Facebook

Kody is always on the go! Follow his antics in his official Facebook fangroup Other Worlds by clicking or tapping below!

Kody's books are returning to Kindle Unlimited

Kody's catalog is currently in the process of transitioning back into Amazon's Kindle Unlimited program. The majority of his books will be there starting at the end of February. However, books in the Of Dust and Blood and The Banished Legend series will arrive on the site in early May.

You can find the books that are available on Kindle Unlimited below!

Kody's audiobooks are
(eventually) coming to YouTube!

Kody is currently in the process of working to bring his audiobook library to YouTube! If you'd like to be a part of the journey, you can subscribe on YouTube now!

You can find Kody's YouTube cannel below!



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